Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I choose the games I want to battle against in the Board Game Battle?

Games in the “Board Game Battle” section of the web app are intentionally generated randomly so that resulting battle win/loss percentages are an accurate reflection of the opinions of the Board Game Matrix community at large. Also, part of the fun in being introduced to random games is the discovery. It's a great way to learn about games from the past and present that you might never have heard of, and some of them might be right up your gaming alley. You can't seek them out if you don't know about them!

Who owns and operates Board Game Matrix?

Board Game Matrix is owned and operated, and was conceptualized, designed, and developed by 45th Parallel Design LLC. See our About page for more about the origin of Board Game Matrix.

What technology underlies the Board Game Matrix web app?

Board Game Matrix is powered by Node.js. Data is pulled via a board game API produced by Board Game Atlas, which generously shares its API with other developers for use in projects such as Board Game Matrix. The Board Game Matrix blog runs on a custom WordPress build.

What personal data does the Board Game Matrix website collect?

By default, only non-personally identifiable, aggregate data is collected for use by Google Analytics. We also collect voluntarily submitted data via our web forms and newsletter list. See our Privacy Policy for more information.